Spanish program Peru Cusco

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Spanish & Rafting !!

  • 1 semaine de cours d'espagnol en groupe
  • 1 jour de rafting
  • Des activités gratuites

Seulement $162

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Comments about Proyectoperu
Spanish student comment

Regina Stroombergen


Learning Spanish here was great! Easy to follow classes and lovely teachers!



Thank you! My time here was everything that I hoped and expected!

Spanish student comment

Noor Esser


Muchas gracias Proyecto Peru! Yo estoy muy contenta! XXX

Spanish student review

Gabriela Paniagua


Mi experiencia con Proyecto Peru fue increíble. Anngie es una perfecta profe. Yo aprendé mucho en esa semana.

Proyecto Peru review



Gracias por todo Proyecto Peru! Cecilia es un profesor muy bien y amable. Ella es el mejor!

Review Proyecto Peru

Simone and Svrenja


Muchas Gracias! We had a good week at Proyecto Peru! Can be very helpful for the rest of our trip!

Review Spanish school

Chiara Marchesin


Gracias por todo, la clase, profesores y la experiencia en voluntariado muy bueno. Mi profesora y familia muy linda!

Review Spanish school Cusco

Raphael Gozdzik


Estoy muy contento de pasar tres semanas en esta ciudad fabulosa! Pude pasar este tiempo aca gracias proyecto peru!

Spanish school Cusco review

Emily Goodbody


Thank you! I really enjoyed the lessons here!!

Spanish school Peru review

Nina Nolthenius

The Netherlands

Thanks so much for the lessons. I have a wonderful week and learned a lot. Even some salsa dancing. Keep up the good work and all the best.

review volunteer Cusco

Desiree Friedrich


Thanks for learning Spanish in a short time! The lessons were great and good organized. I learned a lot! Silvana, thanks also for your patience!

review internship Cusco

Gregor Veith


Muchas gracias. Fue un tiempo muy bueno. Aprendi un poco de salsa aqui y además mejore mi español. Tambien aprendi mucho sobre del cultura de los peruanos. Como estuviera ser mejor?! Me encante también mi familia, fue muy divertido. Gracias.

internship Cusco review

Roeltje Maas


Muchas gracias por todo! Aprendi mucho en las semanas pasadas de la lengua y Cusco (y alrededor). Espero que trabajar en las clínicas va a estar si divertido y educacional que las semanas de clase de Español! Muchas gracias, especialmente mi profesora Cecilia.

spanish Cusco review

Saskia Kaptijn


Thank you for the great lessons. I never went boring and I hope I learned a lot of Spanish. Sonia, my teacher, was so lovely and teached me with pleasure.

Proyecto Peru Spanish school

Billie Manning


Thank you very much for everything. Gracias por todo! Aprendi tan mucho en 8 semanas y espero a tomar un examen official en Inglaterra, y mi español estaba terrible cuando llegué aquí!! Mi proyecto era increíble como mi familia. Una experiencia increíble. Gracias,

Proyecto Peru Centre

Lay Dans

Alemania y Cambodja

Thank you so much for teaching me!

Proyecto Peru Centre

Joanne McGavin

South Africa

Cecilia, muchas gracias! I enjoyed learning everything you taught me in that short amount of time! I will take everything you taught me and practice, practice, practice!

Spanish school review

Simeon Acht


Muchas gracias por to do! I have learned a lot and enjoyed my stay.

Spanish school Cusco review

Anna Bertolasi


One week of Spanish classes with Luz and I learned so much to have free conversations with local people! Thank you very much and I would recommend Proyecto Peru to my friends! All the best!

Spanish school Peru review

Toni Radcliffe


My 3 weeks were very intensive and now my brain is scrambled but I have learnt so much! I now have the foundation to keep studying Spanish at home and keep growing my vocabulary. I´m sad that poor health kept me away from the fun activities, but 4 hours of classes + 3 hours of volunteer work each day wore me out! Gracias para todo, Proyecto Peru!

Spanish school Peru review

Harry Trench and Nicola Hilliard


Cecilia, thank you so much for everything! You made learning Spanish so much fun! We wish we could stay longer to have more time with you. All the best.

Peru review

Aurélie Defrize


It was great taking lessons here. Thank you for such a friendly atmosphere. Aprendi mucho con Timoteo en solamente 10 horas! Gracias por todo!

student review

Mark Zwets


Muchas gracias for the lessons. I had a lot of fun learning Spanish.

student review

Ruben Panagopoulos


Gracias por todo el tiempo. Me gusta las clases con Silvana mucho! Todas las historias, muchas bromas y a veces yo estudio un poquito español. Muchos besitos para mi profesora!

student review Cusco

Elise Sideris y Jonathan Ma

United States

Muchas gracias por todo! Jon y yo aprendimos mucho! Proyecto Peru es una buena escuela!

student review Proyeto Peru

Damien Hughes y Sara Ironslide


Anngie y Luz, muchas gracias por una buena semana de español. Nosotros nos gusta mucha y aprendemos mucho! Ahora, necesitamos practicar practicar! Hasta luego deseamos.

student review Proyecto Peru

William Cheung


Muchas gracias por todo. Lydha y Sonia son grandes profesoras. Tenía un grande tiempo aquí y espero que para volver. Muchos besos to Lydha y Sonia

student review Proyecto Peru Centre



I really enjoyed the lessons, I’m glad I took them. The lessons are well prepared and my teacher was great! Thank you!

student review Proyecto Peru Cusco

Nathan Yee


Me gusta las clases de Español. Mi español es un poco bien pero yo mucho necesito practicar hablar español. Cheers,

Spanish student comment

Audrey Marchant


In my opinion Proyecto Peru does very good work and would recommend it to others! The activities that they organise are also very nice and help people to get to know others. I really enjoyed it here and learned a lot. Thanks for everything!!!

Spanish student comment

Erina Katsuta


Gracias a toda la gente en Proyecto Peru, lo pase muy muy bien podía divertirme en español. Si tuviera más tiempo, podría quedarme en Cusco y aprender más español!! Muchísimas gracias por todo ☺

Spanish student comment

Ciaran A. Dellafera

United States

Thanks you so much for such patient & fun instruction. I`ve enjoyed the month so much that I am certain and will return to study at Proyecto Peru again! This has been a very enjoyable month + an invaluable addition to my medical school course work. Yours always

Spanish student comment

Jessica Dennis

United States

Hola Todos! Thank you so much for all of your help and care – This week of training was exactly what I need. Both of my teachers, Erika and Silvana were super. So patient and kind, and were able to quickly classes my Spanish weaknesses your method of teaching irregular verbs is terrific - are the best ways I have ever seen. My home stay was also great- Willy and Katy went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and answer any questions I had. I will highly recommend Proyecto Peru to anyone who would like to take Spanish Lessons in Cusco. Mil gracias y suerte en todas las cosas.

Spanish student comment

Greg & Linda


Muchas gracias todas las personas en Proyecto, gracias Dora por arreglar una sorpresa fiesta cumpleaños para Linda. Disfrutamos aprender español en Proyecto y Lydha fue una buena Profesora. Quizas regresemos en el futuro estudiar otra vez en su escuela! Hasta Luego…

Spanish student comment

David Chauvet


Muchas gracias por todo. Lo que viví aquí fue un sueño maravilloso y nunca lo olvidare. Las clases de español la vida con la familia el trabajo en la ONG. TODO PERFECTO! Muchas gracias a Proyecto Peru por haberme permitido vivir esa experiencia, muchísimas gracias. Saludos!

Spanish student comment

Robin y Michal


Thanks for the wondering Spanish Lessons! We enjoyed attending classes, meeting fellow students, and learning Spanish in Peru! We will recommend the school to all our friends.

Spanish student comment

Edo de Haas


Muchas Gracias! The lessons were great and the activities también. Also thanks for arranging the tours! Very Nice! Besos!

Spanish student comment

Jenny Pestel


Querido equipo de Proyecto Peru: muchas gracias, por las clases en español yo tuve una profesora maravillosa, por 3 semanas Lydha tú haces enseñar muy bien. Aunque tenía muchas tareas todos los días ☺.

Muchas gracias por el ambiente agradable, el té caliente y sabroso las actividades los jueves. Yo voy a recomendar su escuela! Adios…

Spanish student comment

Luisa Ropelato


Querido equipo Proyecto Peru: muchas gracias por las clases de español, muchas actividades buenas y un buen tiempo en Cusco.

Y aprendí mucho y yo espero recordar todo! Me gusta mucho esta escuela, es como una familia, todos son muy simpáticas y te ayudan!

Yo voy a recomendar la escuela también! Y gracias también por mi familia aquí en Cusco, son muy amables, estoy muy feliz con ellos! Gracias por todo!

Spanish student comment

Tom y Susy


Muchas gracias, nosotros tuvimos un buen tiempo aquí! Ceci es muy buena! Nos hemos divertido con ella! Gracias!

Spanish student comment

Nir Melamed


I´ve finished the 10 hour course, I feel I’ve learned a lot even though the course was short. My gratitude to Proyecto Peru and special thanks to Lydha for the special attention.

Spanish student comment



A wonderful experience at Proyecto Peru, excellent teaching, a positive place to be. Would highly recommend to anyone waiting to learn Spanish in a short time. Thank you and many blessings!

Spanish student comment

Michael Lubrano (Miguelisimo)


I remember months ago emailing Dora back and forth with questions about Proyecto Peru. Deciding to come to Cusco for 4 weeks this summer was the best decision I could have made. Proyecto Peru was the perfect place for learning Spanish from scratch. Nothing is better than 1 to 1 lessons with a teacher who I absolutely adored. Everyone at Proyecto Peru was warm, welcoming and helpful (Spanish classes and beyond!) Thank you all so much!

spanish students comment

Rob Shine & Louise Ryan


Before my 20 hours (only 5 days) I had limited, incorrect grammar and no confidence in conversation. After my short course this has all changed and I now have the building blocks to take my skills forward! Great environment provide by Proyecto Peru (people, fun and social conversation situations) and excellent class progression on a daily class. Gracias!

Thanks very much for everything! I really enjoyed the classes and the environment in the school. Everyone was so lovely and friendly!! Hablo mas español! 

comment Spanish lessons madura

Madura Sundareswaran


Words can't describe my 2 months in Cusco. I have had great professors and the activities with Proyecto Peru were a lot of fun. I have met so many people, had an amazing volunteer experience and my Spanish has improved tremendously. I will definitely come back and pay you all a visit. Thank you so much.

Hasta Pronto.  

Spanish lessons comment Ori

Ori Ohayon


Proyecto Peru is an amazing place for learning Spanish. I had such an unique time studying here with my teacher Cecilia, I feel I gained more than just Spanish, I gained this experience for the rest of my trip and even my life.

Lots of love and appreciation.  

Jorinde Spanish student

Jorinde Bijl


¡Hola! ¡Gracias por todo! Gracias a Proyecto Peru Centre mi viaje a Cusco era maravilloso. Aprendí mucho español y disfruté mucho. Espero que pueda volver a Cusco para mi investigación. Entonces ¡nos vemos!

Un beso.

Michael comment learn spanish witk proyecto peru

Michael Ambros


Mi primera impresión fue muy buena y las dos semanas en Proyecto Peru fueron mejores. Muchas gracias a todo el equipo y su recepción amable! Aprecié mucho la calidad y la atmósfera familiar.

Andrea Spanish student

Andrea Both


Una escuela muy chévere! I studied with Proyecto Peru for 2 months and loved every moments of it!!! Wonderful people, very professional and organized. Learned a lot and had a wonderful time in Peru.  

Will miss everyone at the school!. Un gran abrazo.

learn Spanish comment

Gabriela Roberts

from England

I could not think a better place to learn Spanish. Everyone here has been so helpful and a lot of fun! Thanks to the patience and hardwork of my teacher Cecilia. I have finally managed to understand even the hardest tenses in Spanish grammar. I also love my time in the day care centre. Would, without a doubt, recommend Proyecto Peru to everyone.

Muchas gracias. Gabi

learn spanish review

Ryan Galloway & Vanessa Knebel


Thanks very much! Our Spanish is improving poco a poco! We learned a lot in a short time, Silvia was a great teacher! Chau Proyecto Peru.

Spanish school review

Alice Thompson

from UK

Que buena escuela! Estoy triste que tenga que partir. Gracias por reorganizar mis clases cuando estaba enferma. He aprendido mucho aquí y ahora entiendo el subjuntivo!

Suzann comment Proyecto Peru

Suzann Lehnman


Muchas gracias por todo! Me gusto aprender español. He tenido clases con dos profesoras increíbles. Me han enseñado muchas cosas muy importantes. Conocí personas hermosas y felices. He tenido un tiempo muy divertido, pero también con problemas, 3 meses en un país extraño no es fácil siempre, pero encontré en esta escuela amigas para ayudar en estos momentos. MUCHAS GRACIAS! Voy a regresar con mi familia y vamos a visitar la escuela y mi familia en Cusco.

Spanish course comment

Travis Pascoe


Very good school runs by very friendly staff that made it easy to come here. I learnt a lot and I will come back if I study more in Cusco.

Thanks very much. …

Alice spanish student

Alice Sachova

Czech Republic

Muchas gracias a todos!!!!
Definitivamente voy a recomendar esta escuela a mis amigos. Yo disfruté mucho mi tiempo en la escuela y en Cusco.
La escuela es muy buena, todo el personal. Se parece a casa donde viven amigos. Gracias a Sonia, yo voy a usar todos los subjuntivos

Mucha suerte a todos, un abrazo grande.

Study Spanish review

James Casey & Geoff Ham


Great school, wonderful teachers and  fantastic weekly events! We learnt much more than we expected.Thank you Proyecto Peru!!

spanish student Germany

Friedemann Leopold


Necesitas tomar clase aca! Very funny teachers, pretty cheap, very cool environment. And lot of stuff you can learn!

Vielen Dank.

P.S: Man sieht sich immer 2x in Leben!

Review spanish class

Joey (Joseph) Rizzi

the United States

After 9 years of not studying Spanish, I felt like I was back on the road to being conversational. The staff was very friendly; made even the most tedious exercises pass with enjoyment. I would recommend Proyecto Peru to my friends when they visit Peru. For myself, I will take the 20 hours course next time, for sure. Great time, people and memories. Thanks for all.


Hasta Pronto!

Review study spanish in cusco

Amarpreet Johl


the United States

Thank you so much for the lessons, it was exactly what I was looking for. The time I've spent here has been wonderful and I really enjoyed getting to know the people here while trying to speak Spanish. Yuliana, you were absolutely amazing and I feel very fortunate that you were my teacher. I actually looked forward to my classes everyday, no matter how hangover or sleepy I was. I can't wait to challenge myself in the future and hope to get a firmer grasp of the language as time goes on. If I was staying in Cusco for a larger period, this would definitely be the place to continue my studies.


Thank you so much, and Yuliana I will never forget you.


study spanish review

Sanne and Morten


Hello everybody! We have had a very nice time here, and we can definitely recommend it to you.

There are very good teachers, very flexible and very nice people. Regard.

Spanish school review

Andreas Honig


Gracias amigos. Thanks for all. I hope I learned something… but I'm sure it will help. So as you can see I don't even speak English…

So, auf Wiedersehen So long and thanks for all the fish!

Ruth spanish students

Ruth Pilote


Queridas Dora, Yuliana y Laetitia
Su escuela es super por la calidad de la enseñanza, la personalidad de su personal, el ambiente feliz, las bromas durante las pausas y mas, y mas.
Han hecho mi estancia en Cusco inolvidable.

Muchas gracias por todo!

Learn Spanish comment

Janina Rauch


Muchas Gracias por todo!
It was a great time to learn Spanishor to improve my Spanish here. The teachers are so nice and funny,there is always a good atmosphere in these rooms.

It was a pleasure to learn here!

Spanish courses review

Julia Propp 


I took classes and learned a lot, very intense… but also fun.
I always felt welcome and the atmosphere was fantastic. Definitely a nice way to learn Spanish. The hours are flexible and always pass by very fast.

Gracias por todo lo que aprendi!

Comment Spanish classes

Hen Kalika & Efi Atlas


The best Spanish school!

Good atmosphere, nice teachers and most important, great teaching methodology and it really helps to improve your Spanish, even if you don't have time you take only a few lessons.

It's really worth it. Oh, and great prices too!

Spanish course Cusco review

Chirin Cibis


Very kind and caring teachers, who teach not only the Spanish language but also about life.

Thank you very much for everything!

Spanish course Gianluca

Gianluca Rossetti


Queridas Dora, Yuliana y Laetitia
Su escuela es super por la calidad de la enseñanza,la personalidad de su personal, el ambiente feliz, las bromas durante las pausas y mas, y mas.
Han hecho mi estancia en Cusco inolvidable.

Muchas gracias por todo!

Commentaar Spaans studenten

Pieta Dalmijn & Eline Dalmijn


Muchas gracias por enseñarnos Español, ahora podemos computar chicos latinos, hemos disfrutado las clases y especialmente las discusiones en las pausas. Nunca vamos a olvidar la canción "vamos merengues"

Las chicas con patas grandes y pollo.

Comment learn Spanish

Nimesh Christie


Gracias, I had so much fun at the Spanish classes and learned a lot. I will always remember the "Drinking and salsa nights" and then the "I can be your gringo" song, thank you so much for all the activities and being so friendly and welcoming! I hope to come back one day, and will always keep you all in my heart, keep in touch,

Lots of love + kisses.

Learn Spanish in Cusco review

Susy Forney

United States

Thank you for everything, being the baby of  the school I needed a lot and you are really like a family to me! When I came in with a new story you were all there to listen and help. I have had so much fun in Cusco and have learned so much! You were great chicas!


Spanish classes review Denmark

Anne Mette Hougard


I ended up spending mas o menos six weeks in Cusco and what can I say? During that time I had Spanish lessons, continually. Besides what I have learned, I also feel that I have got some really good friends! I won`t forget Urcos, the match (el partido), los almuerzos, my "goodbye" party!!!

Muchas gracias!

Review Proyecto Peru

Anthony Bonello


Well things brings a month in Cusco to a close. I had a great time, took 3 weeks of Spanish lessons here at Proyecto Peru and got more out of it than perhaps I realize. Dora was a fantastic teacher and the entire staff and other students become very good friends. This place is nice and personal and a great place to learn the language and discover some of the gems of  Peru hidden just below the surface through partying together, eating and speaking.

Thank you! Have fun!!!

Comment Spanish course Peru

Ryan Doré

from the United States

You guys work very good. I have had some of my best times in Cusco with my Spanish teachers. If I had more time I would take another week of classes because I have had so much fun, please keep in touch!

Review Spanish course Cusco

Jessica Ledger

from Australia

Studying Spanish with you has been a learning experience& a lot of fun. I liked you from the first day I walked in the door. I doubt I could studied so long with any other school. I would recommend Proyecto Peru to anyone who asked without a second thought. I will miss you all so much. It`s been like having family around specially with Dora and Yuliana. I even got a "mama" here!

Review Spanish classes Proyecto Peru

Luzia Planta & Vera Rieder


"Castellano con orejas"
Yuli y Dora para cada una, una profesora.
Aunque enfermas, cada día hermosas
El castellano se mejora, cada día y cada hora
chequeamos todos los tiempos mezclamos los "culos" por los "cuellos" Frasada con orejas ¿dónde estás?
Es otro país ¿quizás?

Qué bonitas semanas fueron, besos chicas lindas.

Review Spanish and activities

Tomer Apel


If you want to learn Spanish in a great place, you found the right spot for you. All the teachers here are very nice and patient and they will do everything to satisfy your wishes; after three weeks of studying, I can honestly say that my Spanish level has improved dramatically. Besides the lessons, the school has many activities such as salsa lessons, cooking lessons and movie nights. So if you want to learn Spanish in a fun and effective way you have to sign to this school.

Have fun!

Review Proyecto Peru

Daniela Schleiubach


I learned so much here!! This school isn't offering just Spanish lessons, no, there is so much more in here…. Like food, nice evenings and the most important:  FRIENDS!

Thank you so much for having an amazing time here with lots of fun, nice cooking lessons (I loved those specially), interesting conversations. 

Comment Gerhard Proyecto Peru

Gerhard Roesler 


Después de dos semanas de cultura del Perú, me despido con un corazón quebrado por esas hermosas profesoras que nunca voy a olvidar, con mucho cariño recuerdo de ellas. Me voy de esta ciudad que se llama Cusco y que es mi segundo amor. Con mucho cariño

Review spanish students

Ian Livingstone


A todos  de  Proyecto Perú: muchas gracias por su ayuda y trabajo fuerte. Yo he aprendido mucho en 11 semanas, todas las clases  fueron divertidas y nunca aburridas. A Dora y a Cecilia gracias por enseñarme todas las cosas que yo sé en español. Yo voy a tratar de practicar mi español todos los días que estemos en Sudamérica y cuando regrese a mi país.

Graham Milton


Gracias por toda su ayuda, mi español es mucho mejor ahora porque hace 11 semanas yo no supe nada de español. En particular gracias a mis profesoras Dora y Cecilia; todas las lecciones fueron excelentes. Yo espero que su escuela tenga mucho éxito en el futuro.

Review Spanish school

Endre Hove


I had three great weeks in the school, but sadly have to move on now. My Spanish improved a lot (from almost not existing!). Thanks a lot for your patience. Will definitely recommend this school, so maybe you will got more students from Scandinavia as well!

Gracias Proyecto Peru

Raymond Kelly


A todas en Proyecto Perú (especialmente a Yuliana), muchas gracias por su ayuda. I learned a lot and  I hope to put it to very good use on my travels. I will recommend you to everyone I meet.

Proyecto Peru review

Tsvika Klein


It was such a great experience to learn Spanish with you. Thank you for teaching me and making it a fun and lovely experience. Special thanks to Yuliana for being such an amazing teacher. You will all be missed.

Comment Sander Spanish classes

Sander Poort


Hola amigas y amigos. Al principio me sentí como un gringo; una persona sin experiencia, sin conocimientos de cultura y del idioma de aquí en Perú.  Pero todo ha cambiado por esta escuela. Me siento parte de la familia de Proyecto Perú. Me gustaron mucho las clases de salsa, las profesoras tienen siempre una sonrisa y trabajan con mucha felicidad. ¡Entonces es la manera perfecta para aprender Español!

Mucha suerte y voy a recomendar tu escuela.

Review study Spanish

Danielle Heiman

United States

¡Muchísimas  gracias a todos! Me encantó la experiencia de estudiar español en Cusco y también mi trabajo voluntario con los niños. La gente de Proyecto Perú es tan simpática y divertida. ¡Gracias por todo! ¡Les voy a echar de menos!